Solar Financing

We specialize in $0 Down Ownership options!

Purchasing a solar system should not be a one-shoe-fits-all proposition. Every situation and every home and business owner has different needs. DRH Solar and Electric will work with you to identify the most cost effective financing solution for your Southern California solar system installation.

What is the Right Financing Option for You?

For some, the 30% Federal Tax Credit makes a world of difference. Others are looking to install the system without any money down. Some have credit issues and others are interested in leasing a system so that there are no maintenance or warranty issues.

No matter what your situation, DRH’s portfolio of financing options is sure to offer a solution to meet your individual financial goals.

We specialize in $0 Down Ownership options!

Cash Purchase

Zero Down Plans

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's)


PACE Commercial

Leases (capital or operating)

Traditional Loans

Give DRH Solar and Electric a call at (866) 930-3730 to see how we can help with your financial needs.

Hurry.  Take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit before it's reduced.

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