Residential Solar

Solar can reduce your electricity usage by up to 100%

For over 12 years, DRH Solar and Electric has been helping Southern California solar customers save thousands of dollars off their electricity bills.

Over the years we’ve made sure to align our companies goals with those of our customers.  Today, our sole objective is to offer you a solar system installation that is going to maximize your savings, minimize your costs and provide a superior level of customer service throughout the entire process and beyond. That’s our bottom line.

Just follow these simple 4 steps and start saving today with a DRH solar system. We install solar systems throughout Southern California.

Why Choose DRH Solar & Electric?

Customized solar solution for your specific needs and electricity usage

Over 12 year's solar experience

Licensed, bonded and insured

NABCEP Certified

5 Star rating on Yelp

Lowest possible price

Superior Customer Service

$0 Down Ownership Financing

Just follow these simple 4 steps and start saving today with a DRH solar system.

1. Home and Energy Evaluation

  • How much electricity are you using and how much are you paying monthly?
  • How much sun shines on your home?
  • What savings can you expect with solar?

2. Design and Engineering

  • How much space is available to be used for the solar installation?
  • Tier 1 Equipment requirements.

3. What makes the most sense for you financially?

  • There are many options available and DRH works with you to identify the best solution for your particular situation.
  • Available programs include: Cash purchase, Zero Down options, Power Purchase Agreements and HERO.

4. Installation and Permission to Operate

  • All coordination and permitting is handled by the company.
  • Installation is completed by in-house installers and electricians.
  • Completion of all utility paperwork, inspections and approvals to turn the system on.
To schedule your Free energy evaluation, please call 909-217-8332 or fill in the form above. We can't wait to show you how much solar will save you.

If you are interested in more information regarding our home solar systems or to request a free quote, please give us a call at (909) 217-8332.

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