Commercial Solar

We Design and Install Commercial Solar Systems

DRH Solar and Electric works with commercial property owners throughout Southern California to analyze your energy needs, then design and install a Commercial Solar System for your property.

Getting Started

Installing a Commercial Solar system on your building is good for your bottom line. The solar system will reduce your monthly energy costs as well as protect your company from future utility company rate increases. It also increases the value of your building and promotes your company as a renewable energy leader.

Step 1

DRH Solar will conduct a complete energy analysis of your electricity usage.
We will look at:

  • Current rate plan
  • Kilowatt usage
  • Demand charges

Step 2

We then develop a solar solution that will:

  • Maximize solar energy production
  • Explore the value of a Battery Storage System
  • Minimize your monthly electric bill
  • Recommend post solar rate plan

Step 3

We work with you to identify the most beneficial financial solution.
Options include:

  • Cash Purchase
  • Zero Down
  • Lease (Capital or operating)
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • PACE

Step 4

All design, planning and permitting are completed.

Your solar system installation is coordinated to insure no disruption to your regular business activities.

Step 5

DRH Solar will complete all of the utility paperwork and manage the final inspection process.


  • Rate Changes
  • Utility Rebates – if available
  • Permission to operate authorization
  • Net Energy Metering

Step 6

The final step will be to activate the system and provide you access to remote monitoring.


You are generating your own electricity and will start to see the savings immediately.

If you are interested in more information regarding our commercial solar systems or a quote, please give us a call at (909) 217-8332.

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